So far I have been talking about news from Olot. Now I inform you about NEWS from Logroño, about PLATINCOIN in Logroño, my main hobby to help people create the pension on request. In general, it is necessary to know:



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The main applications of blockchain and crypto technology will make human interaction more equitable. I am convinced of that. Get to know the visionaries who will make technological achievements accessible to everyone, including YOU and Girls_in_Mali.

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This commission HELPs girls in Mali, they get a solar roof for their boarding school building, where electrical power has rarely been available to study and work ... Big part of my commission goes to an aid project Girls_in_Mali. Is is led by a wonderful German initiative, people who travel to Mali to realize the project together with malinesian people...!


Today I'm sharing with YOU all NEW from Logroño, the city on the Way of St. James and the river Ebro in La Rioja, Spain's main wine-growing region. The capital of the region is already actively engaged in the FUTURE with blockchain and crypto technology. This motivates me to recommend the most practical application of Blockchain to my readers who prefer to read in English, for THEIR future ...


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