Hiking for donations

Schedule of the hike

Hiking for donations

We travel 9 days, each about 15km, from 1 to 9 September 2017 for a school project in Mali. The action begins today and ends on 22/9/2017 with the public "emptying of the donation pot" in Olot. The donations from the entire period of donation "migrate" to a German club with their responsible German and Malish supervisors on the ground in Mali ... as well as to "Médicos sin fronteras".

Photo: Houses of Hope ... High regard for commitment and courage in Mali, which prove my German partners from Wiesloch. Find down below concrete costs in the school center and read the success stories ... I love to do more for them!

Donate instead of hiking?
  Simple, transparent and safe:

1 Bank transfer  for: Girls in Mali Holder: Ingrid Wiltsch IBAN:    ES11 1465 0100 95 1702651985  BIC:   INGDESMMXXX

2 Paypal:  dr.wiltsch@gmx.net

3 "Donation box" for cash during our charity-donation-crowdfunding-action. When we meet, you can put in your own or a donation from a friend.
4 Private initiative online This is how "sustainable donation" works! Donations are mediated human-to-human as help for self-help and for girls in Mali. One-time donation of € 20 from your own pocket. To start, you need skype (me: estidestid) or telephone contact Tel./Whap 0034636230833. Everyone is allowed to generate huge donations for the girls in Mali or Yemen - and for themselves.


Hiking and donations:
Choose your stage from the 151 km, walk and donate. It could e.g. An amount in euros, according to the num- ber of kilometers traveled on one / all stages 1 - 9

Donation e.g. 1km multiplied by € 1, € 5 or more :-) or less ... It is important that we get closer to the donation goal with every amount that comes from the heart, and you have the good feeling, that you have set set yourself in motion for others ...

Sant Joan de les Abadesses - even early in the morning, we hikers are not alone ... warm encounters make the hiking day richer in every way ...

Stage-Day/ from > to         km   

1-1.9./Ripoll>S.J.de les Abadesses      12


3-3.9. /S.J.Abadesses>Olot            22

4-4.9.  /Olot>S F Pallerolls               18

5-5.9. /SFeliu de Pallerols>Amer        15

6-6.9.  /Amer>Bescanó                    19

6.9. Wanderstart am Bahnhof von Amer...

7-7.9.  /Girona (todo el día)             15

8-8.9.  /Girona>Llagostera               22

9-9.9. /Llagostera>

               Sant Feliu de Guixolls          18


This is the end of the hiking tour.

Please read and observe:


El día 9 al llegar a Sant Feliu de Guixols habrá comida (ca. 15€p.P.) en el restaurante cerca de les vies verdes ... 


Registration: Actually not required, simply at the starting point to 10 clock and go (Sunday start at 9:30 from SJde les Abadesses) ... Naturally safer: the evening before brief information: 0034636230833

Bus trip from the 1st - 6th day from Estación del Autobus OLOT ( Bus goes 1st +2nd at 9:15h, 3rd at 8:45h, 4th be there at 9:30h and start hiking, 5th+6th at 9:15h http://www.teisa-bus.com/es/rutas .Return by bus, hotelroom to reserve, private room possible, quick registration is worth it ...

Day 7, 8 and 9 Start at Busstation Girona, Plaza Espanya ...
One-stage hikers: The short 12, 10 or 15 km stages (like the longer ones!)
migrate completely go back to Olot by bus to Olot bus station, or by your own car...
Start almost every morning at about 10.00h, mostly near Alter Bahnhof of the village ... please ask.
Pure Hiking time a day: approx. 3 - 6 hours on very easy to walk, often shaded hiking trail
Bring along: Packed lunch, water, hiking sticks (against swollen hands?!)
News, inquiries and registration: 636230833, 972677297


Please note:
  Donations "pot"
is emptied public
in Olot on 22.9.2017, 2 pm
  After a WanderHERBSTFEST-
Walk around 10:00h
hiking, donating, celebrating.

All donations, 100%, "go" directly into the projeict of the German association Häuser der Hoffnung.e.V.
...and to the account of the Organization "Médecins sans Frontières" for the cholera sick in Yemen.


Be aware: We all walk and assume our own risk, insurance, related expenses (transportation, hotel, food, fiests, incl. the Tombola) and liability.


You are invited to participate by Ingrid and Heinz Wiltsch, German Old age pensioners, from Olot in Spain, Montsalvatge Street, 5,

Tel./Whap 0034636230833, skype estidestid dr.wiltsch@gmx.net